About Michael Marram



I have been a Justice of the Peace for four years and am an active member of the Massachusetts Justices of the Peace Association as well as the American Association of Wedding Officiants. Prior to becoming a Justice, I was an educator at a Boston area high school for 35 years and a department chairperson. I am currently an adjunct faculty member working at a college south of Boston. I am also a notary public.

Why did I become a Justice of the Peace? Basically, because I enjoy being part of other people's happiness. Utilizing my communication and interpersonal skills for the past 35 years in public education, I believed that now was the time to transition to a new career in becoming a Justice of the Peace. Teaching large and small classes, being a department chairman dealing with parents, principals and school committee members, and teaching at the college level, have helped prepare me for this position.  All of them have one thing in common—helping people. I especially enjoy the initial meeting with wedding couples—getting to know them, helping to plan out their wedding ceremony, calming their fears about their wedding day, and seeing the happiness in their faces as the ceremony forms in front of them.  Keeping in communication with them regarding any last minute questions assures them that everything is “on track.”  The climax is on the day of their wedding. Nothing makes me happier than seeing the couple hold hands, say their vows, saying their “I do’s” and finally being declared “husband and wife.”  (I have to admit to getting a little choked up at times myself seeing some couples become very emotional saying their vows.)

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